PhotosHop Framing Issue

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Re: PhotosHop Framing Issue

hrogersiii wrote:

i dont have the "fram image" command, so i do a selct all and it hightlights the entire frame, i do a copy then open the photo in photoshop and then do edit paste. it puts the frame on top of the phot, but very small.

Based on your above comment, I believe you have different PPI Resolutions for the two files. See below -- they should be the same to be correct for what you want to accomplish.

Is your Picture file the same resolution as your Frame file. The picture file should be the size that will fit in the space Inside the frame area.

I don't have any idea what you are describing as: i dont have the "fram image" command. Perhaps I had a file name typed wrong as "Fram Image" instead of FRAME Image. I am referring to your Frame as "Frame Image" and the picture file is the other.

It should work in Photoshop 7 which I only assume you are referring to this software when you mention PS7.

Please list your Pixel dimensions of Your Frame image as well as the Pixels per inch. And also, the same for the inside part of the Frame. Also, What is your Pixel Dimensions of your Picture file and Resolution.

Again, each of these files should be using the same PPI (Pixels per inch) and the Picture file at least the size of the inside Frame area. It can be just slightly larger and Part of all outside edges will be over layed with the Frame but this is OK if it does not cover some needed part of the image.

I use Photoshop 7 (basically all the time) for exactly what you are wanting to do.
So, provide the above information if I can help you, I will do so.

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