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Re: Yes yes yes

Jerry-astro wrote:

Blue II wrote:

1. If a 60D has a 1.6x crop factor, shouldn't 50mm on the EF-S be equal to 50mm/1.6 (or 31mm) if I use an EF lens on the same camera ? On the results attached, I'm getting about 42mm and I was expecting to see something around 31mm. Maybe I'm missing something on my math.

Actually, it should be 50 * 1.6, or 80 mm equivalent.

Sorry but this is incorrect and a common area for confusion. 50mm is 50mm, regardless whether it's an EF-S or EF lens. Both a 50mm EF and 50mm EF-S lens will have exactly the same FOV. The 1.6 multiplier compares the FOV of an EF lens mounted on a full frame ( e.g. 5D series) vs. that same lens mounted on a crop camera.

No, it is not incorrect. I stated it was EQUIVALENT to an 80 mm lens on FF. I never said the lens magically changed to a different focal length.

The mounts of both lens types are somewhat different. A crop camera can accept both EF and EF-S lenses. A full frame camera can only accept EF lenses.

That's what I said!

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