OMD an alternative to DSLR for amatuer action shooting?

Started Apr 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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In the same price bracket.... the OM-D you could get a Nikon D7000, a Canon 60D, Sony A77 or Pentax K5. All these will very likely be better for action shooting with moving subjects. The reason is PDAF for AF-C and no problem with EVF and live view stutter (except for the Sony).

kangaroo in oz wrote:

Or should i go with the plan to upgrade my pen to a sony alpha or canon rebel?

I am an olympus pen user and love it however i am limited with it as i like shooting surfing and occasional snow sports with fast moving targets...

I was going to move up to an SLR but the olympus OMD-e5 does appeal to me..

However is its performance with fast moving subjects likely to be on par with entry level dslrs? or should i keep to the original plan and step up to DSLR if i want to shoot action?

Any thoughts appreciated

p.s i do realise most people probably havent actually used this new camera yet but hopefully a few might have

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