Anyone use 2 sec. timer for hand-held images?

Started Apr 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Anyone use 2 sec. timer for hand-held images?

I use it most of the time on my P-2 and PL-3, especially when I shoot completely manual. I have a VERY bad habit of tilting the camera when I press the shutter, which typically takes the verticals out of alignment and I'm sure affect sharpness. The 2 second delay after pressing the shutter allows me to refocus on composition, significantly increasing my rate for "keepers". That said, I also justify it as a way of improving sharpness sans tripod expressly because I have eliminated one major cause of movement.

BTW: A multi-second delay was a practical impossibility on my Nikons. One had to reset the time delay via a menu selection EVERY time one pressed the shutter. This feature is Olympus cameras is one of the many salient features I love about Olympus engineering and the Olympus menu system ... yes, it is very complex and requires study but, in the end, worth the effort for the very high degree of customization.

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