OMD an alternative to DSLR for amatuer action shooting?

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Re: OMD an alternative to DSLR for amatuer action shooting?

kangaroo in oz wrote:

I am an olympus pen user and love it however i am limited with it as i like shooting surfing and occasional snow sports with fast moving targets...

I think it probably depends a lot on the distances involved too. If the subjects are moving fast and very close then that will be a challenge for even many DSLRs.

In Hawaii I sometimes for fun shoot some surfing and bodyboarding. I use DSLRs, but I never use tracking AF or continuous shooting mode. I just use single AF mode and single shot mode. The camera needs to acquire focus and lock on fast, but I don't need tracking or multiple fps. You can see examples in my Hawaii gallery (check out some of the bodyboarding/surfing photos in Hawaii 1, Hawaii 4, Hawaii 5, Hawaii 8, Hawaii 9, Hawaii 10, Hawaii 11, Hawaii 12, Hawaii 16 sub-galleries). They were all taken with the Sony A700, Sony A100, and Canon 60D using lenses that are all famous on the Sony/Canon forums for being slow-focusing. The EM-5 is supposed to be very fast (faster than the A700/A100/60D) to acquire focus and lock on so if it is true then it should easily handle those types of photos. If it isn't true, then it will be more difficult.

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