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Re: Other factors and HS20 vs HS30 side by side comparison

Besides the convenience of long lasting AA rechargeables as well as their easy availability, I also love the 58mm filter thread size, as I have a bunch of high quality 58mm filters from Hoya and B+W (including IR!) that I got for my DSLR kit lenses that I can use with this camera. That's a saving of over $100 right there!

Also, the differences between the HS20 and HS30 are insignificant for image quality as per this side by side analysis----- the only real difference is about half a stop more DR in each mode with the HS30:


CONCLUSION (partial 03.18.2012)

On paper, this HS30EXR seemed a step above the HS20EXR. In fact, it is quite otherwise:

Image Quality : no substantial improvement is to visit both on the dive that noise management. Only the Intelligent Sharpness setting coupled with low noise and high detail to allow HS30EXR retain a slight advantage over his predecessor at high ISO. It is still meager.

reactivity : except for the use of RAW, no major gain can be reported. Worse, the same is paid HS30EXR the luxury of being a bit slower than its predecessor on the recording of JPEG, the format most commonly used. To be truly "wicked" to the end, one can also note that the HS30EXR only stores 6 pictures at a speed burst or there HS20EXR recorded in 8.
dynamics : the HS30EXR seems to offer better dynamics than the HS20EXR.

Ergonomics : If the overall ergonomics of HS20EXR was already excellent, that of HS30EXR is a step up. The viewfinder is the main culprit: after putting the eye in almost every FLE bridges, it's still nice to aim with that of HS30EXR. All the small improvements in the settings (Fn key, keeping the settings, ...) also makes the HS30EXR nicer to use than its predecessor.

Food : Although the Li-Ion battery is a less universal than the batteries / rechargeable batteries, it is still recognized as the HS30EXR offers a beautiful self (630 pictures made ​​with a load) that I never achieved with the HS20EXR. The gain in weight feels to use.

Video : the HS30EXR wins hands down. Not that the video quality is jumped (the HX100v remains a benchmark), but the AF is much less versatile than the previous model. Moreover, the contribution of manual focusing is significant.

Needs to change its HS20EXR for HS30EXR?

No. Except the viewfinder and ergonomic improvements of a few, this new model adds nothing conclusive. For other:

Between one and a HS20EXR HS30EXR, which model to choose?

If the budget is not constrained, as many take HS30EXR: This is not the same is better on the HS30EXR.

If the budget is limited or that you want first and foremost a camera at the right price / performance ratio while the HS20EXR is quite sufficient.

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