E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: More a function of how they define DR

Bart ,

I just took a look at some of your work: http://bhimages.zenfolio.com/ . I like your chosen subject-matter and compostional eye ! The subject-matter and the light matter more than the machinery - at least, the hardware/software can only behoove one when the beauty exists to be witnesssed !

Bart Hickman wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

However, on a level (non-massaged) "playing field", such things might be termed as "window dressing" ?

Only if you are trying to resolve details that are simultaneously at the limits of resolution and DR. How often does that happen? Probably almost never.

Hard to say. Depends on the application. The ability to do that is why I shoot in RAW format. Perhaps we might agree that the rest involves playing "numbers games" ("specmanship", etc.).


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