E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: hard to get 13 bits of DR from 12-bit RAW files [n/t]

Revenant wrote:

DxO's dynamic range is measured in EV, not bits.

Well, they both (using binary arithmetic) relate to integer powers of 2 (as do "stops"). In that sense, theses descriptors are all rather interchangable from the standpoint of numerical magnitude.

A lot of people seem to confuse DR with bit depth. The difference between the lightest and darkest points of the DR scale, and the number of discrete "nuances" the range can be divided into, are two different things.

Only when one is working with a system that "gain-ranges" (on the front-end, prior to ADC). It could be said that varying ISO Gains represents such a situation. However, Dynamic Range is specified at one ISO Gain at a time - so maximum represenatble "bit-depth" is indeed quite relevant

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