K10D bad camera? bad lens? I may have to jump ship

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Re: The 16-45 is junk ...

Everything there is true, but examples shown are so bad, that this is no excuse for larger sensors, etc. Something really wrong there, but owner should make some tests himself and determine where problem is. Just chat "my camera is wrong" is not enough to find a solution. If money are not a problem - it is always simpler to buy new camera (until new problems appear).

In fact sensors in K10 are huge - I think - much larger than in competitors. And camera have some strange focusing algorithm - many cameras tend to focus to nearest object (covered by sensor(-s)), but K10 - focuses to brightest one. I very often ended with OOf image because of camera focuses to some bright spots near infinity. If part of K10 sensor have possibility to see something near infinity - it often will focus there instead of main object.

"Pre K10 era" I had Olympus E300 (if I remember correctly) Had no such a problems at all (and had possibility to use intensively C*non D400 with no such a problems also) . Moved to Pentax because of brighter and much bigger view finder, but AF in K10 was worse.

AF inaccuracy in K10 was the main reason why I updated to K5 (but this camera is not ideal also).

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