E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: hard to get 13 bits of DR from 12-bit RAW files [n/t]

dkojevnikov wrote:

Viewer simply has different converter algorithms for different cameras, it is not a secret. Let's wait for some credible results done with third-party RAW converter. If EM5 had better image quality than all other available cameras, it would be posted with LARGE letters on Olympus website.

Yawn, you are just surmising, not bringing anything to the table.

You are incapable of reasoning, or examining what TechRadar explains about its method based on the DxO protocol.

And thus like many trolls here, who are mere clowns, you are forced to multiply assumptions, which is the contrary of science.

it should be reminded, BTW that what TR brings is no different of the dozen of tests that have been made on the new camera, and which all point to the same result. A 2 stop difference compared to the old sensor.

Ignore at your own risk, trolls. it will be even more pleasurable to send you to hell in a couple of weeks, as compulsive liars and defamers.

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