E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: hard to get 13 bits of DR from 12-bit RAW files [n/t]

Viewer simply has different converter algorithms for different cameras, it is not a secret. Let's wait for some credible results done with third-party RAW converter. If EM5 had better image quality than all other available cameras, it would be posted with LARGE letters on Olympus website.

amalric wrote:

Revenant wrote:

DxO's dynamic range is measured in EV, not bits. A lot of people seem to confuse DR with bit depth. The difference between the lightest and darkest points of the DR scale, and the number of discrete "nuances" the range can be divided into, are two different things.

Indeed. DxO provides specially calibrated transparencies with tone scales, to be illuminated by uniform light, with shots analysed by DxO Analyzer software. That's what TechRadar is using and other well known sites.

TR also has a responsibility: to advise its customers if the price is right, since it is an expensive camera. So they risk their skins.

Not so our trolls, equivalence freaks. Olympus haters, and dSLR old geezers. They just open their mouths and give it breath, as they say here.

This I posted at 43rumors and I believe it is a honest recap. That won't deter trolls, since m4/3 is now their main hunting ground, the poor scarecrows, after they almost killed the 4/3 forum, and now here, trying the same.

"I checked TechRadar method: they use test glass from DxO and Dxo Analyzer. The only discrepancy might be in the RAW developer. But if there was built in noise reduction (more than in other brands, as trolls pretend) then the image samples would show it.

Instead if you go to that samples page you will see beautifullly detaailed hair, and a counter Sun temple, which proves the dynamic range.

Trolls can't have it both ways. This is a DxO test, and Tiff is compared against Tiff, and the advantage is even better than in Jpeg. Now Tiff is the uncompessed visual equivalent of RAW, so there is little to object too.

Even if you argue against the RAW developer used for Oly (why don't you argue against the others?) one can see that the E-M5 has 2-3 stops advantage against the E-P3, using the SAME developer , so how to explain it, if not with a much better new sensor?

But trolls will be trolls, especially those who come from the dSLR world and now see their big guns suddenly obsolete.".

Poor s@ds.


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