E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: E-M5 has DR 13!

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Just wait for the DXo official numbers. It's going to be a lot of fun because if the numbers differ quite a bit then all of a sudden Tech Radar's review is uber questionable since they used.. drum roll DXo's own software

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Should be very interesting and revealing when DXO's figures are out. However, I remember how people, especially in some other forums, have questioned DXO's methods and the relevance of DXO's ratings in the past, when their own expectations (in their own cameras) were not shown in DXO's figures.

I am not sure about that. I mean I have seen about four different brands with different models and they are all ballpark to what exactly Dxo says. The problem is that some people don't understand on one end what Dxo measure (for example they don't measure banding, and the E-3 and the E-5 as an example can have quite horrible banding), and I am sorry but a lot of those other people you mention make claims that are so off, that it's best to write them off.

Same for DPReview's scores and awards. The only thing I am sure about is a lot of fiery posts soon, i.e. next week when DPR's review of this camera is out, and whenever DXO's figures are out Stay tuned for the fun.

But you see, I think you missed my point. Some people are saying "yay, Tech Radar gave the review I wanted to believe in, and you know yes! the EM5 rocks." This is why I am very interested to see what happens when the DXo numbers roll, because Tech Radar is just a website reviewing stuff that used the Dxo software, while Dxo, well… they make the very software Tech Radar use but much more than that, they develop and ship professional RAW converters on Windows and Mac OS around the world for many cameras…. who you think would know better?

Of course, if DXo validates Tech Radar's observations, great! However, if I may suggest this idea- if the EM 5 really has 13 EV's DR, that kind of jump should be oh so easy to corroborate by examining the already available raw files. Anyone seeing that kind of jump? I sure don't.

This is going to be very emotive, I predict. And there could be a lot of soul searching, frustration, dramatic decisions, if the E-M5 turns out to be really such a fantastic camera. And it might just be a game changer.

I don't know, can't speak for others but speaking for myself, I have said already many times I really think the EM5 is a fantastic camera barring any last minute issue which doesn't seem to exist. I just don't think it's perfect or think something it isn't.

Big difference.

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Raist3d/Ricardo (Photographer, software dev.)- "You are taking life too seriously if it bugs you in some way that a guy quotes himself in the .sig quote" - Ricardo

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