X-Pro 1 18mm vs X100?

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Re: X-Pro 1 18mm vs X100?

Thanks ... your point is not lost on me. While I used the word "similar," 35mm and 28mm really are different ways to look at the world.

My favorite lens for my DSLR is a 24mm, and I almost never zoom in from 24mm in my point-and-shoot, so 35mm would force me to see a bit differently. But it might be healthy, too. I've shot narrower, too, and I don't view a different focal range to be limiting as much as a good thing. For me, it's actually better to have constraints than walk around with 4 lenses.

With the X-Pro 1, of course, my choices would increase. With the X100, I love the idea of the simplicity of just not even having a lens choice. Used to like the Sigma DP-1 that way.

With either camera, I should do just fine.

Appreciate the thought you offered ...


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