Will photography become a dead horse?

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Re: Most video guys..


I just can't imagine photojournalists will switch to video!! Instead of meeting the deadline as quickly as possible for the main photo by emailing a very simple single file...

It really doesn't make sense to go through all the video-to-photo processing!!

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Say that but the reality is the photographer is the one who get's the job and often the video guy get's dumped just for stills

If it's a choice between video and stills most couples will take stills over video.

The mediums are entirely different as well. We might share some elements or crossover points but that remains true to this day. And being good at video doesn't make one good at photography, or vice versa. Some do both but most do not/

Photography could have killed painting completely I mean who'd want to paint something when you can take a photo? But painting is a different medium and skill.

The modern trend is "everything kills everything else" that is far from the reality of the situation. 4k will be very slow adoption wise it's just another consumer spin cash cow.

"Good enough" is the breath of fresh air that makes you stop and think. Do I actually need all this commercial junk? In most cases no you don't. And video folks are kidding themselves if they think they'll take over the wedding market from stills shooters.

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