5DIII Major Design Flaw Found

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Re: Are you just boasting that you have the camera?

Juhn wrote:

It was to healer81...


Just a quick run-down for you.

There appears to be two seperate issues.

One is that the internal LCD illumination light can affect the metering. This is more common but is really a trivial issue. It's hard to imagine many scenarios where this would cause a problem for anyone - but some people tend to get 'creative' when it comes to assessing the magnitude of an issue.

The second issue is that some bodies seem to be affected by external light - bright light directed on the top LCD. This is potentially a more important issue and is probably what Canon are currently mostly concerned with. It seems that bodies affected this way are quite rare.

It's also worth mentioning that these metering effects are only noticeable when the camera internals are very dark. Mostly it's only demonstrable if the lenscap and viewfinder cover are on. In normal situations, with some environment light and the lenscap and viewfinder cover off, the effect is negligible or completely unnoticeable.

If I was you, I wouldn't be at all concerned with it. My camera is fine and I suspect most others are too.

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