E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: Can't possibly be Viewer

ljmac wrote:

They show charts for the out of camera JPEGs as well. These have 'only' 11 stops of DR, and have a completely different ISO curve to the TIFFs. As Viewer emulates in-camera JPEGs, the curves for Viewer would be similar to them, not radically different as they are here. So they must be using something else.

DPR is successfully using ACR with the E-M5, and it is possible to convert them in DCRAW as well, which forms the basis of many third party processors. So it must be one of those.

Interesting. But why would TechRadar not state that they (like DPReview) received a special version of ACR from Adobe? Seems odd that they would say nothing about such prestigious status

Dave Coffin's page at:


... does not to date include the E-M5 as a supported camera. Some recent internet digging has revealed Coffin doing work on the DCraw code that specifically identifieas and utilizes black-level information in Olympus ORF meta-data. Thus, (the DCraw-based) RAW Therapee 4.x not only lacks things like color-profiles for the E-M5, but it may well also not be finding the correct black-level information and subtracting it from the ORF RAW data. This could easily lead to erroneous results where the high black-level bias (in the range of 250 or more as found by RawDigger ) is not being properly subtracted. Excess subtraction could easily generate (phony) results that might appear as "astounding" Dynamic Range - where (in fact) read/dark-noise is being over-subtracted away ..

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