E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: Can't possibly be Viewer

Louis_Dobson wrote:
Not sure I follow.

This is a gadget magazine, not a camera one, so they presumably just convert to TIFF any way they can (which in the case of the Oly could well be Viewer) and throw the TIFF at the DXO software. Which then tell you all about the converter, not the camera....

ljmac wrote:

Viewer emulates the in-camera JPEGs, and the TIFF results are radically different from the JPEG results. So while I don't know what converter they're using, I know it ain't Viewer, and is likely the same for all the cameras. So even if the figure is BS, the results relative to the other cameras are very impressive indeed.

And further, what (if any) RAW processor could be said to be fully compatible with the E-M5 ? And why would it be that TechRadar fails to disclose such very important information to the readers ???

If anything, (in absence of any other specific information being provided that I'm able to find), the review strongly suggests use of Olympus Image Viewer. Have a look at this in the review's text:

Olympus Viewer 2 software is supplied in the box and this can be used to make edits and convert raw files. Although it doesn't offer the same level of fine tuning of some aspects as rivals from Canon (Digital Photo Professional) and Nikon (View NX2), it is more than adequate, providing a good level of control .

It also offers advantages over processing raw files in Photoshop (or similar). For instance, if you decide to shoot at 3:2, 1:1 or 16:9 ratios, the camera will still capture a 4:3 ratio frame, meaning you can alter the composition later if necessary. You can also remove and swap art filters using this software .


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