Why does my k-5 act like this?

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Why does my k-5 act like this?

Just a few days ago I got my new K-5 and DA35 Macro lens! I was very excited about this. I used the fine adjustment sliders to tune the focus in the instructions kindly provided me in this thread:


However, there are some things which I can't quite understand, I was hoping somebody could enlighten me. I included some sample photos I took just now just to illustrate it. How do I go about correcting these issues.

-I fine tuned the lens/camera according to the instructions in the link. Now things at very close distances are in clear focus. However, whenever I take a picture of something in the distance, the focus is off, even if I remove the changes I made to AF fine adjustment. It seems the only way I can get clear distance pictures is if I use Live View. Am I supposed to custom set AF Fine adjustment for every distance I am going to use? That seems like a hassle.

-Oftentimes when I take a picture at say, 1/60 of a second, the image will be blurry, and it looks like motion blur. However, I don't notice the same effect if I use Live View -- if I use Live View, the picture is usually pretty darn clear. Is this what people talk about when they say "mirror slap?" I never noticed this problem with my K200D. Just now comparing the two, the K-5 noticeably moves more in my hand when I click the shutter.

I first noticed this when I took my camera+lens for a walk on a sunny day, and I thought I would try to take a picture of a bug to test out the macro feature. I couldn't for the life of me get the bug into clear focus, even at f15 and 1/80 of a second in bright sunlight. I kept on increasing the f-stop from f5 to f15, continually thinking it was a depth of field issue. The bug was stationary on a branch with no wind.

-Why does my exposure change when I use Live View? It happens frequently, at least indoors where I've tested it. Unless I manually set things, Live View exposes for a brighter image. Is this normal?

For example, just now I took a picture of a room, same spot same time. Using the regular optical viewfinder the camera selected ISO 400, using Live View it used ISO 800 with the same aperture/shutter speed. Took another picture, same thing. Using phase detect it selected ISO 800 and live view it was 1600.

Before someone tells me I am pixel peeping, I really didn't have to zoom into my images to see how blurry they were, it was fairly evident even just viewing it zoomed out on my laptop monitor. I could easily tell on the LCD on my camera too. These problems are driving me nuts! How do I fix it?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-F5 Pentax K200D Pentax K-5
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