Fisheye or Wide-Angle for 7D

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Re: Fisheye or Wide-Angle for 7D

I'm speculating, since I don't own a fisheye, but I don't think the 15mm fisheye, would be much of a fisheye, on the 7D. If you want a fisheye on a crop camera, you should probably look at the 8-15mm fisheye.

At some point, I may add a fisheye to my lenses, but I consider it more of a novelty and suspect that most people, myself included wouldn't use it much.

I do own the EF-S 10-22mm and the EF 16-35mm. I probably use the 16-35 on my 7D more than the 10-22, although the extra width is nice on the 10-22, when I need it.

If you're thinking of going full frame in the near future, then the 16-35 is probably the better choice, since it will work on both crop and full frame. The 16-35mm gives the same field of view on a full frame as the 10-22mm does on the 7D and the 16-35 is still reasonably wide on the 7D.

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