Why did you pick the Pentax K5 over the Nikon D7000?

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Re: Image Stabilization equal????

There are advantages to both, and the accuracy of each has been found to be very similar at most focal lengths.

Advantages to SR are less moving parts (longer life span of lenses), less battery used to continuously move all the lens elements around, more lenses available to mount onto the body, and the cool features that come with the moving sensor (fine-tune adjustment, astro-tracking, horizon correction). Lenses are less expensive.

Advantages to VR are better accuracy at longer focal lengths, and you see the stabilization through the lens itself, which can be a big plus for getting composition right with long telephotos. You don't have to wait for the little hand to show up in the viewfinder, which if you're not paying attention can cost you a great shot. More convenient in general for video.

I think the ideal for most would be SR, but some would definitely prefer VR.

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