Evaluate these legacy Lenses, please.

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Re: Evaluate these legacy Lenses, please.

Nikkor-Q Auto 135mm/f2.8

Decent, but not exceptional. Should be okay stopped down a bit...

Nikkor-H Auto 50mm/f2

The keeper of your 50's, nice lens. Will have to stop it down a touch on modern bodies.

Nikon Lens Series E 50mm/f1.8

Just your basic 50

Nikkor-SC Auto 50mm/f1.4

Just another 50

Nikkor-S Auto 35mm/f2.8

Just another 35

Zoom-Nikkor C 43mm-86mm/f3.5

Hate to be harsh, but I agree with the other poster - this lens isn't much. Throw in the dumpster and move on. Or drill out the lens elements and make a planter, cup holder, or pen holder out of it - that's all it's good for realistically.

Nikkor-NC Auto 24mm/f2.8

Pretty good in the film days, will struggle on high pixel density digital.

Overall none of your legacy Nikon lenses are going to be stellar performers mounted on a high resolution mirrorless body or on a modern high rez Nikon. The demands of DSLR sensors is different than those of film, and thus lenses that were quite well thought of 20 years ago may not be that amazing on digital. Not that they can't be used or aren't decent, but they often won't be anywhere near the image quality of more modern designs done during the digital era.


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