Fuji X10 at the hands of a Top Fashion Photographer

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Re: Fuji X10 at the hands of a Top Fashion Photographer

It sounds to me like he really likes using the camera. In the comments in the third link that the OP provided, Frank Doorhof says: (quote)

The x10 keeps surprising me indeed. I keep feeling the "need" to shoot with it during the workshops. It's a weird addiction.

Billx08 wrote:

gonfig wrote:

I found Frank Doorhof's work while surfing in google+. He recently acquired a Fuji X10 as a walk around, do everything, camera. And guess what... from a guy that works with top notch material, medium format cameras with digital backs, ultra-expensive lights and props, is a Kelby Training Instructor and a top Fashion Photographer... well, the guy LOVES the camera!

Not really, all that he did was buy the X10 at the end of his tour through B&H and then use it for a couple of days, saying that he was very happy with it, but an actual review will appear later. I think that you just gave away that it's you that LOVES the camera.  By the time that he gets around to the review, he may or may not have discovered the Orb Issue and will have to decide whether he'll have the sensor replaced. If he writes up that experience it could be useful for others to read. Anyway, it's an interesting article that gives a pretty good idea what it's like wandering though B&H, which is 98% of what the article was about.

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