E-M5 has DR 13!

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E-M5 has DR 13! - Or, TechRadar Has No Scruples About Sloppiness

jkrumm wrote:

I would guess they are using Viewer to convert to Tiffs, and Viewer clearly has a strong noise filter now for the EM5, even when you turn it off, so it's not surprising they are clean.

I don't know for sure - but I suspect that the Olympus Viewer is not compatible with the (directly compared) Sony NEX-7, Fuji X Pro 1, and Panasonic GX1 RAW image-files ... implying that they are (potentially) using different RAW converters/processors for each different brand of camera model.

Very bad form, indeed. And (if so), no wonder they do not explicitly talk about it. Very flakey ..

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