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Re: M43 v APSC Dynamic Range

Yep! This a great year for digital photography! I don't think one can go wrong with any of these recent cameras. It all depends on what one values most in a system and what one's needs are. For compact systems there are now plenty options available and all produce great images which were unthinkable not long ago: X-Pro1, OM-D, Nex7, Nex5n, Nikon V1/J1 and even the Pentax K-01!

We photographers (pros and non-pros) should rejoice as we can only benefit from all this.

Asylum Photo wrote:

The X-Pro1 tested as good as, or better than some FF sensors in some tests. It's not completely out of the question for a MFT sensor to do the same to APS-C sensors.

I love my X100 and X-Pro1, but even more so, I love the competition in photography right now.

It wasn't long ago we could barely shoot ISO 400 and get a usable image.

Ross Kennedy wrote:

Those results are impressive...although the Fuji has to be handicapped by Silkypix surely?!

Can someone explain how can a smaller sensor with tighter pixel density can have better dynamic range? Seems counter-intuitive.


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