Monitor Color Profile Issues

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Re: Monitor Color Profile Issues

Simon Garrett wrote:

Ethan Hansen wrote:

Open Photoshop's color settings dialog (Edit> Color Settings). Expand the RGB working space list and scroll up. There will be the line: Monitor RGB - [XXXX] where [XXXX] should be the name of your monitor profile. If it is not, the profile is either invalid or not installed properly.

Just to be clear, the working space should not be set to Monitor RGB. I'm sure you're not suggesting that, but some people do set the working space to monitor RGB, which generally is a bad idea.

True, and I'm not suggesting that. The "Monitor RGB - XXXX" line is what displays in Photoshop, where XXXX is the monitor profile that Photoshop is actually using. Nne does NOT want to use a monitor profile as a working space!

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