E-M5 has DR 13!

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E-M5 has DR 13 ! - Only 25.81 Times Higher Than Physically Possible !

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Can the technical experts who have been bombarding pixels with photon accelerators and dissecting noise particles emitted comment on what the Techradar review's verdict regarding E-M5's stupendous image results?

I would really like to hear from those who have previously analysed to great details RAW files comment about the review finding that it has a DR of 13 , and that it is the best of all compact camera. Is that believable?

TIFF images (after conversion from raw) from the OMD have a better signal to noise ratio than those from the Fujifilm X Pro 1, Panasonic GX1, Sony NEX-7 and Olympus E-P3, showing that the camera copes well with noise .

Regarding: http://cdn1.mos.techradar.com//art/cameras/LabCharts/Olympus/Olympus_EM5_TIFF_SNR-580-100.JPG

Note that the same (it appears un-named) RAW converter show a Signal/Noise Ratio of around 41.0 dB. A linear ratio of 112.20. Take the logarithm to the base 2 and you get 6.81 EV ("stops").

Measured Dynamic Range cannot in any case exceed 3 dB (41.4%) greater than the measured Signal/Noise Ratio - which the same web-page reports as being 6.81 EV ... 13 EV would be 36.50 times greater. Kind of makes one wonder what is going on "upstairs" in their voluminous heads ...

TIFF images (after conversion from raw) have a high dynamic range across the sensitivity range, with the OM-D achieving the highest result we've seen for any compact system camera .

Regarding: http://cdn1.mos.techradar.com//art/cameras/LabCharts/Olympus/Olympus_EM5_TIFF_DR-580-100.JPG

I have yet to discover the "Higgs Boson", but it seems that you may well have discovered some real "Techno Bozos". But, since they are whispering "sweet nothings" into the ear ... go for it !

Note: Just remember that 12-bit analog/digital converters have less than 12 EV Dynamic Range ...

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