5DIII light leak confirmed by Canon

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Re: You know this for a fact?

Opacity, as far as Photoshop is concerned - and I'm guessing on this matter, refers to the entire range of light transmission from transparent, thru the infinite stages of translucence, to opaque.

bigpigbig wrote:

If opaque is absolute, why does Photoshop have a slider called opacity that controls how transparent a layer is?

Not arguing, just wondering.

DotCom Editor wrote:

dswcamera wrote:

[Canon's fix will be] A more opaque lens cap

Do you know this for a fact? If not, why are you presenting this as fact?

Furthermore, the word "opaque" is an absolute. Something is either opaque, or it is not. There are no degrees of opaqueness -- something can not ever be "more opaque." Perhaps you should think things through before making frivolous statements in a public forum.

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