Memory card lifespan

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Re: Memory card lifespan

Technically even with the latest MLC cells and scaling of NAND to incredibly small dimensions where the number of electrons storing your images is in the hundreds the capability of the cell to be read / written is in the 10,000+ range with retention test in the years at temperature. Do the math and see if you do 5-10,000 read/writes and store your cards at extreme temperatures.

Most cards also offer ECC so failure rates are even lower.

The difference between higher brand cards and lower brands will com into the testing and validation they do and how close to the edge of the performance spect they allow cards to upsell into. Testing is expensive and thus the name brands charge a premium for their high performance high density cards.

The cheaper brand will like get the leftovers and use more marginal product.

THe number of flashmemory producers are far and few.. I agree with others stick to the name brands and the liekly hood youll retire the camera and stop using the card are higher than the card every failing. Things like bent pin or losing it are far more likely than it failing read/write IMHO.

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