DSLR zoom and P&S zoom

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Re: DSLR zoom and P&S zoom

tkbslc wrote:

It is due to the "Crop factor" which is related to the size of the imaging sensor. DSLR cameras have a crop factor of 1-2x. Meaning when you use a lens that has a 35mm equivalent of 500mm, the actual focal length of the lens is 250-500mm. Compact cameras have smaller sensors and crop factors from 4-6x, meaning a lens with a 500mm equivalent zoom would have an actual focal length of 83-125mm. The actual focal length effects both the physical length, but also the diameter and weight of the lens.

So in answer to your question, yes you could have a DSLR camera with a huge zoom range, but the lens would be so large, heavy and complex that nobody would want to carry it, nor would they be willing to buy it!

There are some lenses that come close, like the 18-270mm from Tamron. That has a 28-400mm equivalent zoom on most APS-C digital cameras, and it is not too big, but also not that cheap ($600 alone, excluding camera body).

very true. the numbers for "zoom" r the multiple of the widest vs the longest. for instance, a camera with a 15mm-150mm is the same as a 10x zoom. so a p&s with a 10x zoom is similar, but u have to know what the actual focal numbers r to know how exactly it compares. 10x could mean 5mm-50mm or 100mm-1000mm. it only explains the ratio. if u know both the x and the focal lengths, u can then compare it directly to a dslr lens.

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