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Re: Failed neurons in Billy's brain...Again

Billx08 wrote:

lensez wrote:

Billx08, you seem unaware of the fact that lots of photographers prefer manual zoom over powered zoom. It's a usability issue. I replaced a Panny FZ35 (power zoom) with an X10 and find myself taking many more everyday/casual/travel pictures, in part because the X10 is more fun to use. Its manual zoom is an important part of that enjoyment.

Let the insults begin.

What you seem unaware of is that you replied to DS21, not to me. You also foolishly assume that I don't know of the advantages (as well as the disadvantages) of a manual zoom. I'm quite sure that I have more manual zoom P&S cameras than almost anyone that you know. You don't seem to understand the ridiculousness of filphy's trying to disparage motorized zooms by implying that their owners always shoot only one shot and then turn the power off before taking their next shot. With comprehension like that, insults would be unnecessary, but it's not as if they haven't already begun. You just choose to ignore the ignorant ones that your buddies have posted, such as those from the "toy" boy that you even quoted in your reply.

My point is, manual zoom is considered a usability advantage by many photographers whether you agree or not. To put this in perspective, maybe you could ennumerate the disadvantages of manual zoom that you refer to above.
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