Upgrade 7D + 17-55 2.8 to 5D MkII + 24-70?

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Re: Upgrade 7D + 17-55 2.8 to 5D MkII + 24-70?

What do you shoot?

Do you need fast shutter speeds in low night?

Do you need the depth of field?

Are you willing to give up the extra reach with your 100-400?

You can also wait to see reviews of the Tamron 24-70 VR.

zalle wrote:

I do mostly low light work, like weddings and stuff but also sports like surfing, and I really like my setup. The IS on the 17-55 is wonderful. I do not shoot studio work.

I also own 10-22, 70-200F4IS, 100-400 and 400 5.6L.

As far as I know, the 5DMKII is a stop better in low light, but the IS of the 17-55 probably makes compensates the difference. I can easily shoot at 1/20 with the 17-55 with max zoom (88mm equivalent). Not really worth shooting slower because people move. This would not happen with a 24-70.

The focusing system on the 7D is also better than the 5D.

In a couple of words: Is it really an upgrade for what I do?

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