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Re: question on 3D1

David T. Long wrote:

Thank you that was very helpful.

David T. Long
East Lansing, Michigan

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Hopefully, to add another 'helpful; note, 3D is different from 2D in more ways than just having depth. Shots taken in 2D ( Titanic ) don't necessarily work well in 3D.

In paarticular, in 2D it's nice to have a close-up in focus, with the background out of focus. In 3D everything really needs to be in focus, so in that respect, the simpler, the better and less actual camera adjustment is required, Simple fixed focus lenses actually work very well ( Sony Bloggie 3D )

In fact, the auto-focus on the 3D1 is, in my opinion, sometimes detrimental to the shot as there is a slight hunting for focus that gives the appearance on screen of the cameraman rocking backwards and forwards very slightly. Except for close-ups I would prefer to have the lenses fixed focus much of the time.

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