AM I the Only one worried that Canon has gone video?

Started Apr 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Jeez, they can't even replace aging 50MM lens, or that pathetic 35MM F2.0, yet they can introduce, what 4 or more horribly expensive cinema lenses? And how many Cinema Cameras vs. one 1DX that they can't get out?

People use to argue that video in cameras wouldn't hurt still photography. Obviously, that's not true.

Thomas Kachadurian wrote:

When the 5DII first came out I worried that Canon would find more traction as a video camera company and slowly abandon us still photographer. I overstated it then, but is sure seems that still photography is in the back seat and video WAY up front.

Think of all the lenses we haven't seen from Canon while the introduce new cine lenses.

Is Canon going to just yield still photographers to Nikon?

I shot Nikon in the 1990s and switched to Canon and have been there ever since. Now it seems like it might be time to change back to Nikon just because I don't see still photography innovation coming out of Canon any more.

Anyone else seeing the same tea leaves.


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