Photo Processing (on the iPad)

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Re: Photo Processing (on the iPad)

And I thank you for starting this thread - we are all in this together and for once, I seem to be a little bit ahead of this problem than I usually am with my usual problems (not an easy place to be in this instance !).

I can tell you I have spent about 3 days trying to find the root of this problem and I still haven't (even with the very good support of the app developer) - but it is very time consuming and distracting as I dont' like to leave things like this unsolved.......

I really think that you're trying to solve a problem with the wrong tool to start with. I have been where you are heading and if you want my opinion I think you need something more like an Macbook Air - they are beautiful, small, light, wonderful design and you can use them like a computer.

I seriously thought about getting one of these rather than the iPad but I need the iPad more for client presentations and for that I didn't think the Mac Air would be the right option (I also didn't want to spend that sort of money as the ipad is already an expensive item).

I think for what you want to do, the iPad will prove to be too underpowered - lets face it editing images has always been a very processor-intensive job (even more so as file sizes get huge) and though I'm not expert, I don't think what you want will happen soon (remember iPad is primarily for emails, music, video, photos, skype, chat, reading books, etc etc etc etc - I'm not trying to make out it's a toy but to add to that "it's also a serious photographer's editing suite" is pushing its abilities I think !).

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