AM I the Only one worried that Canon has gone video?

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Re: AM I the Only one worried that Canon has gone video?

I'm not so much worried about Canon going towards video as I am about the massive price increases and delays of their new camera/lens introductions because of initial quality issues. (See today's )

I'm thinking that Canon needs to separate their emphasis and have two different lines of DSLR products for Pro Camera's. I don't need video in my DSLR and I don't need the capability to shoot stills if I'm shooting video. I can't shoot both and do justice to either one. (I have a degree in Television Production, but made much of my career in traditional photography.) I think any full time Pro understands that.

Canon has obviously devoted tens of millions of Yen to develop DSLR Video, and obviously sees a Market. I wonder, like you do, if they have lost sight of the needs and economic reality of what a Still Photographer can afford to pay for equipment in a World where we no longer can earn a living shooting Stock, where Photojournalist's are being laid off from newspapers and magazines in wholesale numbers, and where there are more "Uncle Charles's" shooting Weddings for a couple of hundred dollars than I have seen in my 40 years in this Profession. Canon may see Pro Still Photography as a dying part of the Market in this new Kindle, iPad World.

The equipment prices a traditional still Photographer sees as very expensive, are major bargain's in the Pro Video World. Sadly, I think Canon has saddled their traditional Market with the Video R&D costs.

If I wasn't retired, I'd switch to Nikon now, just like when I was one of the first in my area to switch to Canon several decades ago. Not having the new Pro camera's and lenses at this years WPPI Convention should tell us all that Canon may be going in new directions and professional still imaging may not be a major part of it.

Canon is asking us if we are photographers or videographers?

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