Canon M39 screw mount 85mm F1.9?

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Re: Canon M39 screw mount 85mm F1.9?

The 85/1.9, if glass is clean, would be nice if you're looking for a '50s-era vintage image rendition. Softish, low-contrast and flarey wide-open, sharpens up OK by f/5.6 or so but contrast stays low and corners lag. This lens is really, really heavy, BTW.

The later 85/1.8 is better and sharper, and sells for 3x the 85/1.9.

If you want a modern, sharper, higher-contrast rendition your $200 would be better spent on a more-modern Nikon/Canon 85/1.8 later SLR-era lens.

Google and check out flickr, you can probably find some images.

celloandrew wrote:

Canon 85mm F1.9...a long portrait lens seems useful and manual focus wouldn't be a huge concern...would also give me a chance to see how much need I have for the upcoming 75mm...Does anyone have experience with this lens in particular?

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