To LTZ470: Any E-M5 coming?

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Re: To LTZ470: Any E-M5 coming?

nzmacro wrote:

szlevi wrote:

Maybe not in video but it beats it in everything else...

...but you Panafans are truly hilarious, I give you that.

You sure have some strange ideas mate. So from this simple comment of yours and without me even knowing, let me guess, you shoot Oly ??. So does that statement make you an Olyfan then. Yeah thats strange.

LT is doing exactly what I'm doing and thats waiting to see what a GH3 might offer, it might well be an Oly or it could be a Panny and your problem with that is what ??. We both shoot Nex and m4/3 and if you even know what LT shoots, the camera he uses has very little to do with it, its about the image and I guess with you its not huh, its about the dumb box.

Oly is simply not the best, Panny is not the best, Sony, Canon, Nikon and Pentax are not the best, its about the image. IMO, you shoot with a dumb box that goes click and so do I


Well said.

I'm also of those who will choose his camera based on real life outputs, no matter which brand it is.


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