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Re: Qimage - arghh

Tom-C wrote:

But the goal was to print 12x18 on 13x19 paper. So there is plenty of room on the paper for the desired border and for the printer's minimum margins.


I did not dig into the imperial sizes deep enough then nor did I check the B9180 specs, nobody did the last BTW. If that image + the 1/8" borders fit within the sheet size minus print margins then he would not have a problem I think. He seems to have a problem. 13 x 19" = 330,2 x 482,6 mm. Borderless has no print margins so no issue there. Rigid sheets, top paper insert I guess, have a 14 mm print margin at front and trailing edge and 3 mm left-right (HP docs). That leaves 454,6 mm possible image space which is just short of 18", 0.11 mm actually. So if he prints just the image without borders and use Qimage's fit to page the image will be 0,11 mm too short but there is ample space for the 1/8 borders in the print margins. I do not think the 0.11 mm will be an issue.

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