Bhutan trip - lens choices

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Re: Bhutan trip - lens choices

I'm expecting/hoping to get back to Nepal from mid-October until mid-December, and what camera gear to take is one of the things I have to sort out too. Last time I did something similar I took a P&S with a 28-84mm (35mm equivalent) lens range, and was reasonably frustrated at times with both ends, as well as with lack of manual control and low-light performance.

If someone else ends up carrying most of my crap (TBC) then ideally I'd probably take:
1. 9-18
2. 20 f1.7 for interiors and low light (or maybe 14 f2.5)
3. 45 f1.8 for portraits
4. 40-150 plus macro adapter

I use 28mm or less or else 70mm or more somewhat more than 35-50mm but YMMV.

Another potential option (for me) is to take an XZ-1 or X-10 and keep it in a pocket at all times, but since you're going on a primarily photographic trip - as opposed to a trek where some photos will happen - this probably isn't such a good idea for you. The most useful single wide angle for me would be 24mm (12mm in m43) but this isn't so easy to come by in a compact with a viewfinder, LX-5 excepted.

Whatever you take I'm sure it will be a great trip, so don't obsess about gear too much!

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