OM-D vs. E-xxx = frustration

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Re: OM-D vs. E-xxx = frustration

Rriley wrote:

The cheapest way to execute this with an SLR is an E30 upgrade, but outside of your price (which I think is too low).

We have two camps here, which is fine, one for upgrading the E-30, the other for a simple upgrade to the E-xxx line whether it be in an E-6xx style body or E5xx, at smaller size and lower cost. It really comes down to simply using the newer sensor/processor and updating the articulated LCD to a 3" touch screen. As for the tunnel OVF, do what they can, if anything, at low cost. A simple entry level DSLR in an OM sized body (the original) but packing many of the features of larger bodies, what the E-xxx has always been.

the only other alternative is the hybrid, basically an OMD with on sensor pdAF. Also outside your price range

As far as camera development is concerned the only thing that makes any sense is the hybrid, which gives the versatility of the EVF way beyond what an Exxx OVF can do , phased AF, modularised sizing to deal with big 4/3rds lenses and the utility of the mFT lens options.

That's where it logoically should all be going, when we get there, who knows. And as for premium price, give it a couple years for things to trickle down, competition will drive this.

Id forget about attempting to fit in with much else micro until pdAF appears, certainly the present offerings in the main have disappointing if not damn right abysmal control suites and unconvincing long lens support anyway.

I agree and that's where I'm currently at. Barring a major price cut to the E-M5, I'm happy with my low cost E-PM1 combined with my DSLR's. It does most of what I'd want in a take-anywhere high IQ camera and at a low enough cost ($420) that I can live without better tracking and compatibility with FT lenses. But $1000 for these compromises is IMOP simply too steep. Olympus will solve this in time.

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