what market is there for the 1D C?

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Why is there STILL no 1DsIV???

Well, I think Canon began to lose it with the whole 1DIII autofocus debacle. That showed them losing their grip. It seems to me that Canon are TERRIFIED of the spectre of RED and are desperate to compete with them, whilst believing all the hype that 'the future is video'. All at the expense of their traditional stills market in which they are making zero innovations that I can see. It's almost like they are exhausted or not interested in stills imaging - the 5dII was their creative peak and now it's just iterations without innovations.

Oh, and just look at how often new products are delayed - that's a sign of trouble.

I'm very frustrated that, yet again there is no high res pro camera. I've had all the 1Ds cameras but have had to resort to stitching the 1DsIII for the last 4 years because I need more MP's. The money to buy one is waiting.

I've spent the last 3 months (3 years actually) intensively researching the move to MFD and, whilst the image quality is outstanding (Phase One IQ180 take a bow), there are a LOT of compromises compared with 35mm. Such as no live view, which I use extensively. Oh, and the small matter of £40k investment for a Linhof Techno and IQ180...

The Nikon D800e is an interesting camera and I'll certainly be testing it. Love the idea of removing the AA filter - I'll bet it stands up quite well in comparison with say a Hasselblad H3DII 39. I don't like the smaller form factor cameras though - I think the 1DsIII ergonomics is generally excellent. In fact most of the what the 1DsIII does is excellent. And it's still delivering good images in all weathers and situations. Just not at sufficient resolution and without even electronic spirit levels.

Oh, and did I mention that the sensor is 0.7º rotated clockwise?? Should have got that manufacturing fault fixed years ago but I live with it, waiting for the new one!
Richard Osbourne

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