Starting to regret...

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Re: Starting to regret...

Northgrove wrote:

Yes, I really like it also for its unusually high dynamic range with the DR modes. For the days when even a good exposure by itself will be almost, but not quite enough. I've longed to see more attention to this from camera manufacturers. Such a feature also in an APS-C compact camera is a rather unique deal.

But what I like most with it may just be the tack sharp photos often with good color tones... from the JPG's.

I agree with the jpg:s. I never shot RAW with the camera. I set it to Velvia, fiddled a little with the contrasts and that was it. Some of my favorite wedding shots are done with this little beast, straight to jpg, and minimal post processing.

Shame I got the SAB-problem back then. Fuji fixed it twice, and after the second run I gave up using it to any paid work. I also felt that it was too expensive to keep just for fun, so I sold it and took the 85mm f1.4 Sigma to my Canon.

But I miss it, so gotta save up and get it again. Maybe this time, just for fun.

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