oly 9-18mm or oly 14-150mm

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Re: oly 9-18mm or oly 14-150mm

nardoleo wrote:

Hi pple,

i know both are very different lenses. but i am sort of torn between them right now.
My current kit is an Epl 1, the 14-42 kit, pana 20mm 1.7 and the oly 45mm 1.8.

I am torn between those 2 because i would love to have a lens than i can use for travel and i feel both are pretty good travel lens. which of the 2 is a more versatile travel lens? if i get the 14-150mm, it will replace my current kit lens.

if not these 2, than which lens to recommend/

thanks in advance for the advice.

I have both, and undoubtedly 14-150 is my preferred "travel lens". 9-18 is too much of a novelty lens.

My favorite travel rig: a PEN with the 14-150 mounted in my hand, 20mm panny in one pocket and the 9-18 in a coat pocket. The 9-18 is optional, the other two are mandatory.

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