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Re: Adventsam Works His Magic With Lightroom 4.1 (release candidate) !

Detail Man wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

Thanks DM, my interenet access was sporodic in the last week, but back now.

I made a new version from 4.1 reduced raw sharpening and applied std sharpen for screen in export, full size.

Forensic analysis (using JPEGsnoop 1.52 ) reveals that your JPG was made using an approximately 98% Quality Factor, no Chroma Sub-Sampling.

Further forensic analysis reveals the following settings were used when processing your latest version (displayed above) using Lightroom 4.1 rc:

| crs:Sharpness="54"
| crs:SharpenRadius="+0.8"
| crs:SharpenDetail="45"
| crs:SharpenEdgeMasking="0"

| crs:Clarity2012="+30"

My primary interest is in the various sharpening settings that you used - as I have seen something of a reduction in sharpening-artifacts when viewed at larger magnifications (relative to some of the other renderings posted using LR 4.0). "Clarity" involves a (wide Radius, low Strength) USM process.

It is unclear what (if any) of the above processing parameters relate to your use of what you describe as "std sharpen for screen in export". Is that a particular LR 4.x setting which relates to the application of a secondary post-sharpening operation after downwardly re-sampling the image ("in export") ? Am trying to determine what recorded parameter may relate to such a thing.

Sam ? Could you let me know the specifics of your LR 4.1 rc sharpening settings used ? Thanks.

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