Portrait pictures with X-100?

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Re: 6ft / 2m

Anthony_in_SF wrote:

Thanks for pointing me to your site, very informative! And the 2m rule is helpful, too.

Quick follow up question. Looking at a b&w pic on your site, image 2 of 9, does it reflect the whole image capture, or has it been cropped? If the latter, to what degree? This will help me understand the suitability of the portrait photography I'm interested in using the X100 for. To illustrate, my hope is I can, for example, be sitting across a small table from my kids...and have them as the primary subject in the image, while avoiding any distortion.


Hi Anthony,

I frequently crop square from 3:2, as I love the square format. Normally, it's a straight crop - not "zoomed" in, and usually with not exactly equal amounts taken from each side. But do whatever the image demands!

Across the table can be a little tight, but I have a lot of pictures at that distance, but here we are talking 3-4 ft, which is a little bit tighter than the X100 prefers. Some foreshortening is inevitable. Of course it's not always a problem, but you do need to be conscious of it.


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