one for my fellow FF and MFT shooters...

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Re: one for my fellow FF and MFT shooters...

FF (D700 probably the smartest option at this point) and EM-5 to enjoy having a "new toy".

We can all argue till we're blue in the face.. NOTHING beats FF in image quality, because whether you care about shallow DOF or not, even stepped down a FF camera produces files with a 3 dimensionality that smaller sensors can't touch, not even mentioning micro contrast, color depth, etc... I'm not into medium format so can't talk about it, but for me FF is king (and going through my older shots the D700 pics just jump at me from my CS library..).

On the other hand, m4/3 is a world of fun, so much that I'm NOT buying a temptingly cheap now D700 myself. Having my camera is my purse at all times is a different kind of thrill. It's very empowering.

If you consider the D800 it means you can shed the dough for D700 + EM-5. Treat yourself Louis, we only live once


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