LX5: Underrated Movie Mode

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Re: LX5: Underrated Movie Mode

Thanks for your quick and detailed response, trevmar ...

... I may not understand this properly, but the manual indicates that MY1 begins life as being the same as "Standard" so I'm thinking one has a choice to either reduce contrast, etc. on the existing "Standard" profile that is initially resting there in the MY1 slot (and that may well might the contrast very effectively) or one can start things on an already flatter profile (like Nostalgic) and made adjustments, then save the new custom profile (using the "Memory" button) as MY1. Is that your understanding of how MY1 works?

Very interesting that you use Shutter priority at 1/30 rather than the manual movie mode and set the shutter speed at 1/60. I'm thinking that a shutter speed that is double the frame rate will produce smooth and realistic motion. So that would be 1/50 for 24 fps on most DSLRs, but 1/60 here where forced to use 30 fps.

I'll look into iExposure and certainly agree that you really need to protect the highlights -- the old "lean right but don't clip any highlights."


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