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Re: I just don't take Fuji seriously right now.

GaryJP wrote:

We'll see if the "fix" changes that, but so far my local Fuji reps claim ignorance that such a fix even exists.

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Not too sure how willing is Fujifilm going to solve the problem. My local Rep here (Singapore) is totally clueless on what is going to be done.

My point being if Fujifilm has already decided to change the sensor FOC, they could have send out the memos to the rep offices or even emails to registered camera's owners. Apparently they have not.

Ultimately if there will be anything to be done on X10/XS1, I'm still not so sure. It could be just a half-heartened effort to quiet down the public outcry.

But one thing for sure, I had lost faith in Fujifilm.

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