Windows tablet?

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Re: Windows tablet?

Undah wrote:

Love my Ipad, but am looking for a tablet that feels familiar, and runs all my PC photo programs instead of 'apps'.

Microsoft pushed this several years ago: "Tablet computing" using the then-current version of Windows, and applications designed for a keyboard + mouse UI. As I recall, most of the tablets cost much more than what a top-of-the-line iPad 3 does today.

Except in selected vertical markets, I think the Windows tablets were a flop.

If you are looking for something portable that runs familiar applications, maybe you should look into a MacBook Air or one of its Wintel 'UltraBook' imitators. These machines usually don't have onboard optical drives or hard drives, and they're not as powerful as full-blown notebooks, but they're well above netbooks in terms of computing power, they run real applications, they can use external portable HDs, and they are lightweight.

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