Just got my OMD!! Finally!!! Austin TX

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Re: X100

If you're a pixel-peeper, which I sometimes am guilty of, you'll like the Fuji X100 images better. Something about Fuji's image processor is just simply amazing. However, I think I will be selling my X100, because the omd is so much more versatile and the images are great. And I rather use the X100 money to get better lenses. So if you were ranking it by IQ, xpro1-10, x100-9, omd-8. Where X-pro1 is breaching FF quality and x100 performing like a top end aps-c. The omd would be on the same level as an entry-mid level dslr. It's NR reduction is a little agressive with jpegs so I keep it on low. But in terms of resolving detail I think it's doing a pretty good job with otc jpegs. Can't wait to see what I can do with raws though.

frosti7 wrote:

Since its clear that the cam is filled with great and usefull features, could you elaborate more on the iq?
Especially how does the feel and rendering compare to your x100?

Thanx and have fun!

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